Sue Kaslow, Chairman
PO Box 165
Hill City, MN 55748

Jay Zapzalka, Vice Chair
67880 353rd Ave
Hill City, MN 55748

Joell Miranda, Clerk
PO Box 253
Hill City, MN 55748

Mark Meyer
PO Box 42
Hill City, MN 55748

Bambi Lange, Treasurer
505 Ione Ave
Hill City, MN 55748

Dorie Barnes
35990 678th Street
Hill City, MN 55748

Committee Assignments for 2016
Committee                                                 Representative
MSHSL                                                                            Mark Meyer
Negotiations Committee                                             Sue Kaslow, Jay Zapzalka, and Mark Meyer (Dorie Barnes, Alt.)
Curriculum Committee                                                Joell Miranda (Bambi Lange, Alt.)
Community Education Advisory Council                  Mark Meyer (Joell Miranda, Alt.)
Meet and Confer                                                            Dorie Barnes and Joell Miranda (Bambi Lange, Alt.)
Staff Development                                                         Joell Miranda (Bambi Lange, Alt.)
School and Community Health Team                       Joell Miranda and Dorie Barnes
Recertification Committee                                           Bambi Lange
ARCC                                                                               Sue Kaslow
Comparable Worth                                                        Sue Kaslow
NESC Board                                                                   Sue Kaslow
Safety/Transportation Committee                              Jay Zapzalka
Athletic Advisory Committee                                        Jay Zapzalka, and Mark Meyer (Dorie Barnes, Alt.)
Itasca Area Schools Collaborative                             Bambi Lange (Mark Meyer, Alt.)
Safety/Transportation Committee                               Pat Rendle, Andy Dokken, Jay Zapzalka, Eric Hill, Officer Jeff Madsen, Dawn Fairchild,                                                                                            Shawn Kingsley, Shari Johnson, Stanley Mikles, Nor-Tran, Inc.