Mission, Vision, & Beliefs


The mission of the Hill City Public School is to be a community partner proudly providing each student unique and personal opportunities for lifelong learning.


An innovative school of choice, committed to providing a challenging, compassionate, and inclusive environment of curiosity and creativity.

School Logo

Hill City Public School


    The Hill City Public School believes:

    1. That minds are developed when students are engaged socially, emotionally, academically, and physically;

    2. That learning begins at birth and continues throughout life;

    3. In working together to maximize opportunities and eliminate barriers to learning for all;

    4. That all students should be offered an education developed to meet their individual needs;

    5. In providing the necessary skills for success in an ever-changing world;

    6. That meaningful learning occurs when students are allowed to confront real problems, make choices, and find solutions;

    7. In providing educational programs with differentiated instruction through flexible classrooms that foster inclusiveness;

    8. That creativity and curiosity is integral to learning and growth.